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IHP Iyengars is serving people since 1990 with its various authentic south Indian food products. There are eight products currently, Puliogare masala, Vangibath/Sabji masala, Bisibelebath masala, Chilli powder, Coriander powder, turmeric powder, Rasam powder and Sambar powder All the products are free from any sorts of chemicals, colors, added flavours and preservatives.

We take meticulous care right from sourcing raw materials, to testing, processing to production and packaging to branding. At every step, quality is ensured with perfection which gives it a higher nutritional value. The organization always aims at providing people with the best quality products at an economic price where anyone can afford to buy it and is very easy to prepare, quick to make besides, it has always maintained its superior quality and taste.

Needless to mention, as these products have highest nutritional value, everyone prefers it. It has retained the grandmas homely taste along with its affordable price.

About Our Founders

Padmavathi B.R and Dwarakanath B.K

Meet the visionary founders behind our journey, the dynamic couple B.K. Dwarakanath and B.R. Padmavathi, whose extraordinary story laid the foundation for our company.

Hailing from the picturesque town of Chikmagalur, Dwarakanath ventured into the bustling city of Bangalore in the 1970s, fueled by the pursuit of employment. His early years were marked by hard work in diverse roles, nurturing a dream of entrepreneurial independence. In 1989, Dwarakanath tied the knot with Padmavathi. United by love and a shared dream, they resolved to chart their course into entrepreneurship. Faced with the challenges of early married life, they decided to start their own venture, rooted in the belief that no one should go to bed hungry.
With a meager investment of 5000 rupees, acquired as a loan from their landlord when dear ones offered no assistance, the couple embarked on their journey.

The initial phase was marked by relentless struggles and numerous setbacks. Challenges ranged from shopkeepers rejecting their products to the daunting task of establishing a foothold in the market.

As Mr. Dwarakanath tackled business challenges, Mrs. Padmavathi took charge at home. She worked tirelessly throughout the day, preparing the Puliyogare Masala all by herself. Managing the household, raising two children, and overseeing manufacturing, her dedication played a key role in the company's growth. The journey was not without its hurdles. Rejections from shopkeepers and various market challenges tested their resolve. Nevertheless, the couple persevered, introducing a flagship product—Puliyogare masala—to simplify meal preparation and provide an affordable, high-quality option.

In 2018, Mr. Dwarakanath passed away due to health issues, leaving behind a legacy of resilience. Today, Mrs. Padmavathi assumes the role of Chairperson, guiding the company with a steady hand. Under her leadership, the next generation, their children, continue the legacy.



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